Here at MR Epoxy we follow our quality assurance program to the "T". We strive for excellence every time, and accomplish excellence every time because we stay true to what we have established. Quality and Authenticity are our backbone and we hold ourselves to a reputable standard. When you choose MR Epoxy you can count on a clean cut team that is professional from head to toe.

Substrate Profiling and Preperation

We diamond grind all our floors to prepare for 100% perfect adhesion. Concrete must be prepared correctly in order to profile the substrate while opening its pores. With a correctly prepared floor, allows for correctly applied concrete coatings.

Base Coat & Color Personalization

This is when your personality shines through. MR Epoxy will apply your color personalization and flake color selection. While the epoxy is still fresh, we will apply the 1/4" paint chip flakes.

Polyaspartic Top Coat

Your new floor will then go through the final stages. Upon drying, excess chips will be scraped with a metal scraper. The floor will be cleaned and a Polyaspartic high gloss top coat will be applied for a beautiful finish.