Your garage is an essential part of your home and as such it needs to endure substantial rugged abuse. Standard concrete floors tend to break down over time due to round-the-clock in and out traffic whether you are in your car or on your feet. Concrete is subject to chips, oils, spills, and chemicals which speed up its deterioration. Concrete is annoying to clean and is a dust magnet. Elevating your space to excellence through MR Epoxy provides a coating on your garage floor that is easy to maintain and clean, protective against oils, spills, and chemicals, while also adding an extension of life to the concrete itself and elevating your homes overall value. Our MR Epoxy certified specialist know how to get the job done. And for you its easy.... similar to the iconic In-n-Out Menu, MR Epoxy keeps it clean cut and simple. We offer a one day garage floor system that is sure to elevate your space.


OnE Day FlakE SystEm

Lifetime Warranty

Product & Labor

Our floor coatings come with a lifetime adhesion warranty from our manufacturer along with a wear and tear warranty from MR Epoxy.* Even though are coatings are more likely to pull concrete up with them before they ever un-adhere... we still got your back. You can rest assured knowing your coating won't chip or peel and will stand the test of time!
*See contract for warranty specifics

One Day Installation

Walk in 24 - Drive in 72

No need to worry about unnecessary storage fees, we got this in ONE DAY. Not only do we provide a substrate coating that is 4x stronger than epoxy, we will have it installed for you in no time. Our MR Epoxy certified crew will only be on the job site for a few hours. This saves you time and allows you to get back into your space as soon as possible.

5 Step Process

Your / our checklist

Upon profiling the substrate, MR Epoxy applies a 100% solids epoxy base coat, your selection of 1/4" vinyl paint chip flakes, and a Polyaspartic high gloss clear coat to seal the deal and top it off. Feel free to reference our color selection above.